Teacher Academy

Teacher Academy Description:

The Encuentros Teacher Academy aims to encourage Latino boys to become teachers and help bring diversity to the teaching profession. Currently, only 2% of all teachers identify as Latino men, which is in sharp contrast to the every growing Latino student population in our schools. This academy fosters these young men’s aspirations by having them re-conceptualize what it means to be a teacher. Students learn about the lasting impact a teacher can have in the lives of their students, particularly for their Latino students, and they discover that becoming a teacher is one of the best ways to make positive change in their communities. The Encuentros Teacher Academy is a residential program, held on the California State University, San Marcos campus so that the prospective teachers experience college and interact with professional educators from K-12, as well as the university. 

Teacher Academy Day & Time: 

The 2023 Encuentros Teacher Academy date will take place at CSUSM on June 20th -June 24th, 2023.

Teacher Academy Eligibility:

  • Self identify as a Latino(x) male
  • Current high school student or 1st/2nd year community college student

Teacher Academy Application:

The application for this year’s Academy will be online. Please click the button below in order to apply:

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